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Here is Screenshot of my Fiverr account :

Please check out the graph I will explain how my earning got increased just by adding video. I will teach you how to make videos that drive a Potential buyer to your gig.

Learn How I Made $4000
on Fiverr by Drawing Cartoons

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    Let’s Start this …


    Do you want to be your own boss? Today I will show you how to make money on Fiverr easily – $2300+ making cartoons & graphics or with any creative skills. This requires a lot of Discipline, Dedication, and Determination. I Called it 3D principle to memorize it. 


    As you also know Fiverr is one of the most searched job platforms for freelance jobs. 4,240,000 visits / day. There is an abundance for everyone. It is like a Vast ocean and each everyone is holding their bucket here. So first to get the ball rolling remove the scarcity mindset. Fill your bucket as much you want. Check more data on the worth of web.

    Make Your Goal: What you want to achieve with Fiverr

    You must have a goal. I’m talking about crystal clear goal.

    1.) Short-Term Goal     2.) Long-Term Goal

    When I started I don’t have goals, this is one of the biggest reason why I don’t progress much. So I insist you make goal before you take the first step. Divide your goals into short-term and long-term basis. Why I’m saying short-term goal, I have a meaning behind every sentence. Sometimes if you took too big goals there is a sense of long journey which gives you boredom and chances are you quit too early but if you make short-term goals you got success fast and can celebrate each small achievements. You don’t have to wait for long to celebrate and your mind will understand I’m achieving something. So, it keeps adding fuel to your mind to create more stuff with energy. To achieve big goals, state of joy and enthusiasm needed.
    Always have a goal in your mind. Stick it somewhere on your wall or on your laptop, wallet. So that you will be laser focused to achieve. This is One big reason why newcomers not getting success.

    Who do not get success on Fiverr :

    •  Those who distract too much on many ways of earning online
    • Those who Looking for a quick rich scheme. Billionaire overnight kind of stuff
    • Those Who are Impatient, Not disciplined, Don’t value time.
    • Those who have a scarcity mindset.
    • Those who can not take criticism Positively
    • Daydreamer, Lazy people, Jealous of other
    • Not Communicating, Delivering Work PROFESSIONALLY

    Who can Get Success on Fiverr :

    • Those who are Optimistic & handle Criticisms Gracefully
    • Those who have a giving attitude
    • Great Communication who know how to treat every buyer wonderfully.
    • Punctual and disciplined
    • who know how to win and educate a client

    My journey ……

    Before Success how is my attitude :

    I started fiverr when I don’t have any skills at all in college other than knowing to play GTA vice city. I am finding some ways to extra pocket money online. I earned money on some sites like fixya and commission junction in the past but due to giving attention every earning money online method, you can say distraction and inconsistency in work. I’m not able to make some good amount not more than $100-$150 on Fiverr but when I realized to make money on any platform I need to fix my mindset first. Just think who is on Top, they have something different, they understand the money differently like we did, this is the reason why they are on Top. If you could copy that mindset and apply on yourself then you will at the same place and  These are mistakes I would like to share with you. And I wish somebody tell me when I start it.

    These are Common traits you can find on unsuccessful sellers on Fiverr:

    • Not Disciplined and Consistent at promoting gigs
    • Distraction to other modes of earning same time
    • No taking Fiverr seriously, taking for granted
    • Fear of choosing a career
    • Not delivering quality
    • Not brushing up my skills
    • Not exploring and updating myself on my niche

    After Fiverr Success how is my attitude :

    When your mind is silent, become an observer of your mind and there you will see idea’s pondering. More your mind is at Peace. You become more creative so, Experience Peace ! . You will be amazed why I’m sharing this with you, after many unsuccessful accounts on fiverr . I decided to do it seriously or i will quit fiverr. i decided this finally, I thought of sitting in meditation and started experiencing less number of thoughts which gave me clarity what i want . As research says human mind catches impression from 5 senses (tongue, Eyes, skin, nose, Ears – tastesighttouch, smell, and sound) and bombarded with 60k -70k thoughts per day. So, after meditation its easy for me to decide what i really want. After meditation, I got amazing understanding with self-talk, self-analysis what i’m doing wrong ? I decided to make a Quality Engaging video to describe, i took all the time to write my script and planned everything on my notebook. Finally, after 20 takes, I was super happy. I still can remember the moments. I was enjoying each little moment. My next step is to upload and promote it on twitter facebook friends and family, many new seller find it difficult to get their first order here they lack in promoting themselves. Remove shyness at this point. think creative ways to promote yourself. like i did one image for twitter promotion. you have to get your viewers attention.

    I got first order i make one pencil sketch for $5. Adobe Illustrator + Fiverr is one which gave me a life which i always dream. I am good at sketching but don’t know how to make cartoon so i started watching tutorials. I never give up because i love what i do. if you don’t love what you do. You will give up. slowly i started getting orders but not too big orders then i learned how to get more order on Fiverr. suddenly my graph spikes. if you want to learn those secrets for free get it below. I wish someone told me when I started on Fiverr.


    Check out these Things You Should Know Before Starting Any Project

    • Use Fiverr Features like Quick response to maintain your response rate
    • Starting Do less and make sure to create Portfolio (Very Important)
    • like you charge your body by sleeping, charge your soul my meditation. To do great work
    • Always focus On growing your client business by knowing how he thinks not what you think.
    • Speak Hooking words to get attention in first 7 sec of your video.
    • Managing and delivering the orders timely
    • Always give something extra like source file, one extra image
    • Use Daily to give Buyer Request- Learn How to use buyer request to create gig.
    • Be professional when talking to your client
    •  Visit fiverr forum, linkedin groups and follow them on twitter to know whats trending

    Update yourself time to time but key is communication and mindset. How you take it ?. There are sellers who are earning $15000 – $20000 from Fiverr. Be very polite and professional same time, develop tolerance power when you got rejected, there are many factors in which fiverr profile is responsible. But don’t give up. Perseverance and self-discipline is KEY.


    Big success will only come to you when to change your mindset from scarcity to abundance and don’t restrict yourself to earn on fiverr. you can get secret for FREE: How to Outsource from Fiverr to Upwork and vice-versa and live your dream life. Read number of ways to promote your gig on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter don’t sit idle for Fiverr to give you orders. If you don’t have create one. Learn to give it for free when you need to deal with a difficult client. just save your 5 star. My experience one $5 will give you more great client worth $1000’s . so if you want learn. How to maintain 5-star rating on fiverr and maximize your earning then download the ebook for free. Also Prioritize your things. Maintain discipline work on table with chair. Use timer like i did it won’t cost you much and delivering order before time give you boost of fiverr first page. JOIN FIVERR TODAY FOR FREE


    You still here, Now you know everything. What are you waiting for? Please let me know by commenting on the comment box below.I will answer them for you.

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