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Things you should know before starting any project 

  1. Start where you are, what you have and give your best each day on your project
  2. You will not be master in one day, Rome was not built in one day
  3. If you put energy in your project. It starts growing Like a seed then a tree. where the energy goes that thing grows
  4. Don’t be too conscious. If you are too cautious you land up of doing nothing.
  5. Master on your feeling when you earn. Give 10% to God’s service (humanity welfare)
  6. Make proper visualized planning but not too cautious. If you are too cautious doing anything you land up of doing nothing.
  7. Make sure your partner is equally dedicated not for money but to provide some value.. Should be on one thought, With one vision in mind execution is easy as ABCD 
  8. Quickly move forward. Don’t get hypnotized by others opinion learn to master your feeling and you can do so by practice
  9. Remember success is journey not a destination
  10. If you need to complete a task Use just one thought to complete ( Thought is power)
    Example if you want to put one glass from one place to another. Then using one thought means 1 energy is used but if you used more than one ..then feel depleted.(like why me ? why everyone told me to put glass every time ) patience is key
  11. Do your best and forget, result is not in your hand. don’t get emotionally attached with result. Focus on process
  12. Beware of Show off attitude of yours …. Once you start earning ….. Make back up INVEST don’t spent too early
  13. Give up of being liked by people We are not perfect we are here to make mistakes and learn from it
  14. Give up of approval from someone .. If you are right and truthful.. No need to prove.
  15. Don’t be: Master of all and jack of none
  16. Express gratitude for 5 little things in your life daily just after bed and going to bed.
  17. Tie Yourself with Goals Not people.

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